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Need Makeup or Skin Care in Australia? Count on Designer Australia

Makeup and skincare products go hand in hand, and our team at Designer Australia is committed to carrying both the finest makeup products and the finest products for skincare in Australia. From makeup brushes to foundation to hydrating moisturisers trusted by makeup artists around the world, we can be your one-stop-shop for makeup and makeup-related products.

What Sets Designer Australia Apart Regarding Makeup and Skin Care in Australia

Whether you're shopping for a new foundation or looking to buy makeup brushes in Australia for a beauty course at your registered training organisation, you can trust in Designer Australia to deliver what you need. Here's why:

  • We are industry veterans. We got our start more than 35 years ago when we started importing top-quality makeup brushes from trusted overseas brands. Our years of experience give us a huge foundation (pun intended) of knowledge and expertise that our customers and clients value deeply.
  • We have a vast product range. We sell to the general public, but we also work with professional makeup artists, training organisations and stockists to provide the quality products they need. Are you looking to buy makeup brushes in Australia? You can find them here. The same goes for airbrush makeup and equipment, makeup bags and organisers, mixing palettes, professional lashes and much, much more. In total, our product range consists of some 800 products, all of which we stand behind.
  • We stock the best brands. You can view the professional makeup brands we stock on our website. As you'll see, the selection is quite the ‘who's who' of renowned professional makeup brands, from Embryolisse (a terrific option if you're shopping for skincare in Australia) to Cinema Secrets and Elementwo (two brands for which we are the exclusive distributor in Australia).

Benefits of Working with Designer Australia

Beyond our industry knowledge, our sizable selection of products, and our base of world-class brands, there are numerous other benefits to be enjoyed by going through us to buy makeup in Australia. These include:

  • Quick delivery turnarounds. Despite our huge product selection, we typically maintain each item we sell in large stock quantities. This factor, along with our commitment to processing orders quickly, usually means we can ship out your order within 24 hours of receiving it.
  • Our customer service. If you are shopping for a single brush cleaner in Australia, we can help you find the right product for the job. If you are looking to buy a custom makeup kit for a training course, or to pick out the right products for your professional makeup case, we can help you put together your order. In either case, you can expect involved, attentive, and helpful customer service.
  • Our discounts. Are you a makeup professional or a wholesaler/reseller? We offer trade discounts to both of these groups. The former even applies to makeup students and teachers!

Why Customers Should Use Designer Australia

Few companies in Australia have our experience in the professional makeup niche, our focus on sourcing the best products possible or our generous discounts to industry players. Whether you are looking for skincare products such as makeup cleansers and removers or shopping for foundation makeup in Australia, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.