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Shop Professional Quality Lipstick in a Wide Range of Colours

When you need to update your stock of lipstick, look no further than Designer Australia for name-brand, quality make up in a range of shades. We have years of experience in the makeup industry and offer competitive prices on quality products with fast shipping, so you can find everything you need in one place and get it quickly with one, simple online order.

When You Buy Lipstick in Bulk Consider This

Whether you buy lipstick for your own collection, for a class, or as a stockist, consider these tips when you're shopping for lip colour.

  • Choose the Same Brand - If you're buying lipstick in large quantities, especially as a makeup artist or stockist, you will want consistency in the look and quality. You can achieve this by purchasing lipstick of the same brand in a range of shades rather than picking from different brands that will have differing quality and finish.
  • Go for Liquid Lipstick - For professionals buying lipstick that you will use on many different clients, liquid lipstick is the way to go because you can easily use a disposable brush or applicator, so you get more use out of one lipstick.
  • Buy Many Shades - When you're buying in bulk, be sure to choose many different shades to offer clients variety. Differing skin tones and styles will require you to have a range of lip colours to suit a diverse clientele.

Designer Australia carries Modelrock Liquid Last Liquid to Matte formula lipstick in an array of fun and classic shades to complete your lip colour collection.

Related Products We Provide to Lipstick

When you buy lipstick, you should consider the other products we carry related to lip colour to ensure you have all the supplies you need.

  • Lip Creme - Lip cremes, like liquid lipstick, are highly pigmented and last longer. We carry an array of lip crme colours from neutrals and nudes to bold, fashion shades. These are sold separately and are perfect for creating a custom palette or a touch-up kit for events.
  • Lip Liner - For lipstick or lip crme, you will need a matching lip liner to avoid running. Conveniently, we sell many shades of lip liner to match the lipstick and lip cremes, so whatever stunning look you create stays inside the lip lines for professional, lasting style.
  • Lipstick Brushes - If you've bought lipstick in bulk, you'll need a tool for application. We sell disposable and professional lipstick brushes in all sizes, materials, and styles. You can get everything you need in one easy order!

Why You Should Order Lipstick from Designer Australia

We are an Australian company, fully in control of our pricing and manufacturing to ensure you receive high-quality makeup tools and products at a competitive price. Designer Australia has been in the makeup brush business for over 35 years and stocks a range of ethically sourced, raw material brushes and items to meet many price points. Our warehouse stocks in Australia are vast, with more than 800 products, which allows us to ship your orders quickly, so an order placed in the morning will be dispatched within 24 hours and on its way to you. We are happy to guide anyone—a stockist, cosmetic school coordinator, or a makeup artist—to ensure you find the products that meet your needs.

For help or requests for lipstick orders, contact us at any time!