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Professional Tips for When You Want to Buy a Makeup Brush

You may think it is simple to buy a makeup brush, or you may realise how complex it can become considering how many options and styles are available. Either way, with three decades in the business, Designer Australia wants to offer our professional tips to guide you to buying makeup brushes for personal use, in bulk, or brush kits that will suit your needs perfectly.

Tips for to Get the Most Value When You Buy a Makeup Brush Set

When you're buying a makeup brush set or expanding your toolkit, keep these pro tips in mind to shop smart.

  • Choose Quality over Quantity - When you are shopping for makeup brushes, always opt for quality over quantity because when applying makeup, you can see the difference. A well-made, hand-shaped brush in the right size and style will be a gamechanger for your makeup application, allowing you to achieve the exact effect you want with a precise, professional touch.
  • Do Research Before You Buy - With so many types and styles of brushes, you should do some research before you buy a makeup brush set, so you know what you need. Look up what brushes you need to get the effects you want from a smoky eye to matte looks with a powder foundation finish.
  • Get a Makeup Brush Kit to Start - If you're starting with makeup courses and you're purchasing brush sets for a class, we recommend you look at premade makeup brush kits to get the basics first. Once you have all the core makeup brushes you need, you can expand your set as you figure out what types you like and need.

Why Buy Makeup Brushes from Designer Australia

Designer Australia has been manufacturing and selling makeup brushes for decades, and we offer our customers an unmatched selection of high-quality products at fair prices.

  • Wide Selection - We have every makeup brush style and type you can imagine with hundreds of options available in our online store for personal and professional use with synthetic or vegan options and animal hair in all shapes, sizes, and prices. We stock a selection that includes fan brushes, foundation and concealer brushes, bronzer brushes, kabuki brushes, lip brushes, nail brushes, spa brushes, powder and blush brushes, groom and brow brushes, sable eyeshadow and crease brushes, line and define brushes, brushes for smudging and blending.
  • Professional Quality - Our brushes are made with ethically sourced, raw materials with hand-shaped heads and durable brass ferrules with hardwood handles that will last.
  • Value - Our brushes are competitively priced and meet a range of budgets from an individual stepping up her makeup game to a professional seeking quality and value in their kits.

Why It Is Cost Effective to Buy Makeup Brushes in Bulk from Designer Australia

Designer Australia has been in the makeup brush business for over 35 years, offering an incredible selection of professional-quality brushes at affordable prices for makeup professionals, schools, and individual customers for personal use. As an Australian-owned company, we aren't influenced by international organisations, which gives us complete control over setting prices and manufacturing our products, so you get the most exceptional quality and value on the market. We take pride in offering high-quality makeup brushes at competitive prices for professionals and individuals stocking their makeup toolkits. You don't have to break the bank for beauty, and shopping at Designer Australia; you don't have to compromise quality for cost.

If you want guidance to buy the makeup brushes you need, contact us for assistance.