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Find Professional Makeup Brush Kits and More at Designer Australia

If you need professional-quality brush kits or other cosmetic products, Designer Australia can help. Makeup brushes are a key part of your beauty routine, and we offer a wide variety of different brush types as well as kits and brush storage options.

Tips Regarding Makeup Brush Storage and Care

When it comes to how flawless your makeup looks, the application is everything (along with choosing the right colours for your skin tone). You can use sponges and even your fingertips to apply some things, such as foundation and concealer, but other times, only a good set of brushes will do. Here are some tips for brush storage and care to help you keep yours in excellent condition.

  • Clean your brushes daily. Every time you use your makeup brushes, you want them to be clean and free of germs and old makeup. Choose a daily cleanser or give them a quick wash with soap and water after using them each day.
  • Deep-clean your brushes regularly. Once every week or two, give your brushes a thorough deep clean. The purpose of this deep clean is to remove clogged powders and liquids from within the bristles. Use a deep-cleaning product for this or wash them with soap and water, the same as your quick daily wash, but spend more time massaging the bristles and being sure to remove all dirt and makeup from the entire brush.
  • Store your brushes properly. Proper storage of your brushes is essential to ensure that they keep their shape and stay clean. You can use brush belts or other organisers to keep your brushes contained when you aren't using them – just don't drop them loose into your makeup bag.

Benefits of Using Makeup Brushes

While you can apply your makeup with your fingers and regular makeup applicators, there are some convincing reasons to use brushes whenever possible. Here are some of the advantages of makeup brushes over other types of applicators.

  • Beautiful, even application. Nothing lays down makeup quite like a brush. Makeup brushes solve the problem of getting too much product in some areas and not enough in others, helping you create a flawless look.
  • You can build coverage. One of the best things about brushes is that they allow you to build your coverage easily. With a brush, you have complete control over how much product you apply and where. You can apply your makeup much more precisely and achieve a professional finish.
  • It's hygienic and better for your skin. Using your hands to apply makeup isn't the best option because your fingers can harbour germs and natural oils that can cause breakouts (this is also why you are encouraged to avoid touching your face in general). Especially if you have acne-prone skin, brushes can help you steer clear of contamination.

About Designer Australia

At Designer Australia, we offer a wide range of makeup products, including airbrushing supplies, brush kits and brush belts, skincare products, makeup bags and organisers, tools and accessories, professional lashes, and more. If you are in the market for professional-quality products at competitive prices, whether you are an individual, a training organisation, or someone else in the makeup industry, we're here to help. Contact us today to learn more.