HD Foundations

Luxurious yet affordable, Cinema Secrets cream foundation is designed especially for makeup artists who want to create the best makeup for clients in high definition film, fashion, bridal occasions and television.

Famed for its dreamy, wax-based bases and colours, MaqPro foundation makeup comes in a stunning array of colours that can be infinitely customised to suit any skin tone or type. In fact, MaqPro’s unique colour creation approach gives artists the freedom to customise foundation, concealer, corrector, neutraliser, contour shades, lip, cheek and eye shades limitlessly all available in Mini compact palettes.

Concentrated in pigment and creamy to touch, our foundations are ideal for pairing with a moisturiser or primer for achieving sheer coverage with a dewy finish. MaqPro and Cimema Secrets foundation makeup is versatile and works well for the face, lips, cheeks, contour, colour correcting, and for special fx.

The foundation is packaged in well-designed, transparent Foundation Fard Crème palettes for the ultimate convenience or 5 in 1 foundation Palettes. A makeup artist's best friend, these palettes are incredibly space-saving in your makeup kit, and provide twice the number of colour possibilities in a fraction of the space.